You must be careful during a formal event as a small mistake can ruin your entire look. There are different styles for different occasions but the main game is played by your outfit and shoes. Although you will get formal shoes for men online, it is important to choose the right pair with the right attire. There will be different dress code expectations for each event. A person's attire at an event contributes to its atmosphere and decorum. But it can be challenging to know what to wear for different types of events.

We all know that suits are evergreen and irresistible formal apparel. Hence we tried to compile different types of suits in this article that can be worn with versatile formal shoes for men.

Looking for formal event outfit ideas featuring suits? You can choose from a range of outfit ideas mentioned below.

Formal white tie attire and black leather shoes

It's a good idea to know how to dress for a prestigious white-tie event in case you become president of your company. But the white tie dress code is not limited to only such events. It is used for dinners, galas, charity balls, and elite evening weddings. There is no doubt that it is the most formal attire in Western culture. Dress suits with white ties, also known as full evening dresses, embody formality. You can enhance the charm by wearing black leather shoes to complete your formal look.

Single-breasted gray suit and shiny boots

A single-breasted suit is the most common type of men's suit. 99% of professional men wear one, two, or three buttons along their seams every day, so it's easy to spot one. Single-breasted suits usually have one row of buttons, resulting in an appearance of narrowness and tightness. A notch lapel is most commonly paired with these suits. The combination of a gray suit and black leather boots can never go wrong.

Double-breasted white suit and brown oxfords

Double-breasted suits differ from single-breasted suits in that they have additional buttons on either side of the jacket for aesthetic purposes. There are typically six buttons on a shirt and they can range from four to eight. A wider frame is created by the extra buttons, which move the focal point away from the seam and toward the sides. Pair this suit with brown oxford shoes or even brown brogues to complete the attire.

Charcoal gray for summer

Wearing navy and charcoal gray suits at formal events is the new normal for millennials. The sun should not be a hindrance to your formal attire when you need to remain formal at such events. The plus point is you can wear dark brown or black or black leather shoes with these suits and nobody will question your choice.

Family occasion and semi-formal look

Whether you're attending a family occasion such as a christening or a wedding as a guest, you should look smart yet formal. It is possible to be a bit more creative on these occasions, perhaps opting for a colored suit in brown or blue. It is less formal than you would wear to the office, but still smart enough to wear to a family gathering. However, sports shoes online for these suits may not be the ideal choice. Perhaps a pair of oxford or loafers will do the work.

September 30, 2022 — 8 Bucks Digital