The durability, appearance, and flexibility of leather make it a material loved by many. Men’s leather boots are especially widely preferred footwear because of their features. A multitude of brands are available, but it can be difficult to choose the best one. In this article, we will guide you to choose the best one.

Type of leather

The type of leather used in the creation of high-quality leather shoes plays a key role in the appearance of the shoes, so understanding the differences might help you choose a better pair. The three most common grades of leather are full grain, top grain, and suede. Full grain leather is the highest quality leather and is tightly porous, whereas top grain leather is a downgraded version of full grain leather. Full-grain leather is smoother than top-grain leather. You might also have heard the term Suede or Nubuck, which is a type of finish that gives split leather a velvety look by sanding off the grains. Calf leather, buffalo leather, sheep leather, goat leather, etc., can be processed further for textures and finishes.

Check the grip

There are a surprising number of outdoor boots and double monk shoes with slick leather soles that provide little grip. The advantages of leather outsoles are that they are soft, flexible, and dressy, but if you're looking for something that can handle wet surfaces while maintaining a sleek silhouette from the side, you might want to consider studded rubber outsoles.


You can find a variety of materials used to make shoe soles, such as rubber, TPR, PU, leather, etc. Since each material has its own characteristics, the sole can be a significant factor to consider before making a purchase.

Are these comfortable?

When investing in shoes, it is very important to be comfortable. The cushioning in the shoes gives you a better grip, while the comfort of the shoes gives you confidence when walking. To be a perfect pair of shoes, an insole should be well-padded.

Choose a color

Formal shoes for men are no longer limited to black shoes and men's brown leather boots. Today, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from, such as grays, blues, and reds. You may choose the color for daily outfits and special occasions.

Every aspect of ergonomics matter

You should choose shoes that fit your feet's shape the most. It is possible for the leather to stretch if the shoes are too tight. If the leather is too loose, it will crease and wrinkle.

It is therefore advisable to buy shoes online from brands that follow standard shoe sizes. There should also be a wide range of arch supports and shock-absorbing cushioning options in good footwear.

It is important to remember that shoe sizes are determined by the length and width of your feet, which can change as you age and gain weight. It is therefore essential that new shoes are exactly the right size for your feet.

September 30, 2022 — 8 Bucks Digital